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Student Loans in Bankruptcy

Student loan debts are one of the most difficult types of debts to discharge in bankruptcy. Typically, a person who wishes to discharge a student loan debt or any type of debt involving education will have to prove “undue hardship”. Regardless if you received a private student loan or a federal student loan for higher learning, all student loans will require proof of undue hardship to discharge in bankruptcy.

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Student Loan Bankruptcy Discharge and Credit Ratings

Some people wonder if a bankruptcy discharge of a student loan will affect their credit rating and their chances of receiving student loans in the future. The answer greatly depends on the type of student loan you may be applying for in the future. New student loan applications and federal grants usually are not denied to someone who has previously filed for bankruptcy discharge of student loans. However, the government may look at your credit rating if you are applying for PLUS loans. Even private student lenders will use credit scores to evaluate loan applications, and since a bankruptcy discharge lowers your credit score, it may be difficult to apply for new loans.

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