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Helping You Find Friendly Lenders

At Northwest Suburban Bankruptcy in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, we understand the difficulty many debtors face with trying to find lenders who are willing to extend credit once bankruptcy has been finalized. Our bankruptcy attorney seeks to provide individuals with information about friendly lenders who can help them finance their mortgage payments or buy a car without falling prey to the stigma of bankruptcy. If rebuilding credit and finding friendly lenders is your main concern after bankruptcy, contact our experienced Rolling Meadows bankruptcy attorney today.

Credit Rating After Bankruptcy

Although banks and credit card companies may withhold extending credit to those who have filed for bankruptcy and are starting over financially, there are ways to find lenders who are more than happy to extend credit in post-bankruptcy, or once a number of years have passed. There are some things you can do, however, to improve your credit rating, and with helpful advice from our bankruptcy attorney, you can significantly increase your chances of finding lenders who will also work with you and help you rebuild your credit score after bankruptcy.

A few examples to improve your credit for lenders, after filing for bankruptcy, are listed below:

  • Obtaining secured credit cards with a local bank or credit union
  • Obtaining unsecured credit cards with a higher limit and paying the balance off in full
  • Avoiding high interest and high fee finance company loans

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