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Going Somewhere? Traveling After Bankruptcy

If you are concerned about traveling overseas while bankrupt, you should know that under certain conditions you may be eligible to travel regardless of your bankruptcy situation. However, it’s important you consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can shed some light on your particular needs for travel while bankrupt.

At Northwest Suburban Bankruptcy, located in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, we handle all types of bankruptcy matters involving travel and the following related concerns to bankruptcy:

Who Says You Can’t Travel?

In most personal bankruptcy cases, a trustee will allow you to travel if you have fully complied with all of your obligations under the Bankruptcy Act. This may include having to make periodic payments, being available to appear in court, and answering creditor’s questions relating to your financial situation. Every bankruptcy situation is different and depending on what country you plan on traveling to or how long you plan on staying, that will determine whether or not you can travel during your bankruptcy.  

Our Northwest Suburban Bankruptcy attorney will examine your financial situation and answer any questions you may have about traveling while going through a bankruptcy. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions regardless of your bankruptcy situation.

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